Welcome to the Prosthetic Limb Users Survey of Mobility (PLUS-M)™ Computerized Administration System

PLUS-M™ Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT)

Default CAT Settings

  • Minimum Items = 4
  • Maximum Items = 12
  • Standard Error (SE) Threshold = 3.0

The PLUS-Mô CAT has been developed and tested with people with amputations between the hip and ankle. We do not recommend use of PLUS-Mô instruments for people with OTHER levels of amputation at this time.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please respond to all questions as if you were wearing the prosthetic leg(s) you use most days. If you would normally use a cane, crutch, or walker to perform the task, please answer the questions as if you were using that device.

Please choose "unable to do" if you:

  • Would need help from another person to complete the task
  • Would need a wheelchair or scooter to complete the task
  • Feel the task may be unsafe for you

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Plus-M Mobility Project

PLUS-M CAT Settings

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Maximum number of items:
Standard error threshold:
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PLUS-M™ Report ()

PLUS-M™ T-Score

The respondent's PLUS-M™ T-score is:

PLUS-M T-score
Standard Error

PLUS-M™ CAT Interpretation*

*NOTE: Interpretation values are based on comparison to the PLUS-M Development Sample of n = 1091 persons with unilateral lower limb loss. Please see the PLUS-M Users Guide (available at www.plus-m.org) for more information.

Plus-M Mobility Project

PLUS-M™ Items Administered

The items administered by the PLUS-M™ Instrument and the respondent's associated answers are provided below. Questions are presented in the order in which they were administered.

Note: If fewer than items are listed, the CAT achieved a precise score (standard error below ) with fewer questions. If a question has no answer, the respondent elected to skip that question. For questions about the PLUS-M™ Instruments, please see the PLUS-M™ Users Guide.