PLUS-M™ Instruments

PLUS-M™ instruments are based on a set of 44 calibrated questions called the PLUS-M™ item bank. The PLUS-M™ item bank can be administered either by a computerized adaptive test (CAT) or using fixed-length short forms.

PLUS-M™ instruments can be electronically administered using the PLUS-M™ Computerized Administration System. PLUS-M™ short forms are also available as paper and digital PDF forms for other applications, including non-computerized administration.

PLUS-M™ Paper Forms require administrators to sum a raw score and look up the appropriate PLUS-M™ T-Score using the provided scoring table. Please refer to the PLUS-M™ Users Guide for instructions on scoring incomplete short forms, if any questions remain unaswered on a paper short form.

PLUS-M™ Digital Forms allow for administration on a PC or tablet computer using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software. Digital forms will automatically provide a T-Score, once the required minimum number of questions have been answered. The digital forms will also calculate the appropriate T-Score when questions remain unanswered.

The PLUS-M™ scoring guide and short forms may be downloaded below:

Short Form Users Guide (v1.2)
7-Item Short Form (v1.2) 12-Item Short Form (v1.2)


  7-Item Digital Form (v1.2) 12-Item Digital Form (v1.2)

Note: The PLUS-M™ scoring guide and short forms are PDF files. Viewing PDF files may require Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer.